A Group of Companies Dedicated to Rebuilding America Through Community Investments

About Us

Terra Echelon and its predecessor companies have been in the delinquent real estate tax industry since 1996. Collectively, our professionals have more than 80 years of experience with distressed assets. We have been through the up, down, and sideways cycles. We have watched one city flourish while its neighbor files for bankruptcy – and we understand how this happens.

In our careers we have managed more than 220,000 assets across 23 states. We have liquidated more than 6,000 REO properties. The underlying value of real estate represented by all of these investments is more than $24 billion.

We use our experience and knowledge to bring together taxing authorities, lenders, investors, and other experts to create economic solutions to delinquent accounts and blight. We believe in a balance of compassion and enforcement to achieve these goals.

Our philosophies:

  • We are dedicated to Rebuilding America through community investments.
  • We are here to serve you (taxing authorities, lenders, investors, and others) in that capacity.
  • We believe in property rights and the rights to due process.
  • We know that a collection plan with the right policies to create a proper balance of enforcement and compassion will significantly increase portfolio performance.
  • You can protect your constituents’ rights, increase collections, and increase your approval rating simultaneously.